Titans Netball Club Senior training sessions (over 14 years old) take place every Wednesday evening at Park School, Barnstaple from 7 to 9pm on the outside courts. If wet conditions, the indoor sports hall is always booked from 8 to 9pm

Senior League matches are played on Monday evenings at Park School, Barnstaple.

Titans also have two squads playing in the South West Regional League Division 2 & 3. Training takes place on the 1st  & 3rd Thursday of the month at Chulmleigh Community College in the Sports Hall from 7 to 9pm, between the months of September to March.  Regional fixtures are played on Saturdays (Titans Lightning) and Sundays (Titans Thunder) on a home and away basis between the months of September to April.  Home fixtures are played at Chulmleigh Community College. 


Titans Lightning (Saturday Fixtures)  DIV 2

Home fixtures are at 2.30pm 

30th Sept - HOME v Crossbow

7th Oct  - AWAY v Babylon

14th Oct - HOME v Mavericks

21st Oct - AWAY v Jupiter

4th Nov - HOME v Raychem

11th Nov - HOME v Trident

25th Nov - AWAY v Pinehurst

2nd Dec - HOME v Hucclecote

9th Dec - AWAY v Imperial Royals

6th Jan - AWAY v Crossbow

13th Jan - HOME v Babylon

20th Jan - AWAY v Mavericks

3rd Feb - HOME v Jupiter

10th Feb - AWAY v Raychem

24th Feb - AWAY v Trident

3rd Mar - HOME v Pinehurst

10th Mar - AWAY v Hucclecote

24th Mar - HOME v Imperial Royals

Titans Thunder (Sunday Fixtures)  DIV 3

Home fixtures are at 12.30pm

1st Oct - AWAY v Saints

8th Oct - AWAY v Tor Knights

15th Oct - HOME v Vivary

22nd Oct - AWAY v Sydenham Gems

5th Nov - HOME v Teignbridge Titans

12th Nov - AWAY v Exeter

26th Nov - HOME v Holiday Inn

3rd Dec - AWAY v Plymstock

10th Dec - HOME v Storm

7th Jan - HOME v Saints

14th Jan - HOME v Tor Knights

21st Jan - AWAY v Vivary

4th Feb - HOME v Sydenham Gems

11th Feb - AWAY v Teignbridge Titans

25th Feb - HOME v Exeter

11th Mar - HOME v Plymstock

25th Mar - AWAY v Storm



All home fixtures are played at Chulmleigh Community College

13th Sept 2014 HOME v Weston WON 58-22

Player of the Match - Ruth Chamings

27th Sept 2014 AWAY v Trident WON 44-35

Player of the Match - Ruth Chamings

4th Oct 2014 HOME v Lawn WON 37-28

Player of the Match - Katrina Venner

18th Oct 2014 HOME v Almondsbury WON 46-24

Player of the Match - Paula Young

25th Oct 2014 HOME v AbbeysMeads WON 55-27

Player of the Match - Ruth Chamings

1st Nov 2014 HOME v Carol Anne LOST 45-25

Player of the Match - Millie White

8th Nov 2014 HOME v Hucclecote WON 50-36

Player of the Match - Katrina Venner

15th Nov 2014 HOME v Premier Romans WON 46-36

Player of the Match - Katie Jeffery

29th Nov 2014 AWAY v Pinehurst WON 49-43

Player of the Match - Millie White

13th Dec 2014 AWAY v Weston WON 58-33

Player of the Match - Lorraine Cleverdon

10th Jan 2015 HOME v Trident WON 47-31

Player of the Match - Ruth Chamings

24th Jan 2015 AWAY v Lawn LOST 27-26

Player of the Match - Ruth Chamings

7th Feb 2015 AWAY v Almondsbury WON 47-32 

Player of the Match - Ruth Chamings

14th Feb 2015 AWAY v Abbey Meads WON 42-31

Player of the Match - Katrina Venner

21st Feb 2015 HOME v Carol Anne WON 36-29

Player of the Match - Ruth Chamings

28th Feb 2015 AWAY v Hucclecote LOST 54-39

Player of the Match - Beth Nancekivell

7th March 2015 AWAY v Premier Romans LOST 38-31

Player of the Match - Beth Nancekivell

21st March 2015 HOME v Pinehurst (12.30pm)





21st Sept - Almondsbury v Titans (lost 45-42)

Player of the match - Rebecca Manley         


28th Sept - Plymouth Marjons v Titans (won 46-35) Player of the match - Rebecca Manley


5th Oct - Titans v Pinehurst (won 54-37)

Player of the match - Lorraine Cleverdon


12th Oct - Hucclecote A v Titans (lost 68-35)

Player of the match - Katie Jeffery


19th Oct - Titans v Carol Anne (won 59-29)

Player of the match - Louise Lathwell


2nd Nov - Weston v Titans (won 49 - 41)

Player of the match - Katie Jeffery


9th Nov - Titans v Raychem (won 42 - 39)

Player of the match - Katie Jeffery


16th Nov - Hucclecote B v Titans (drew 43 all)

Player of the match - Louise Lathwell


30th Nov - Titans v Roman Glass (won 60-42)

Player of the match - Lorraine Cleverdon/Kellie Finney

14th Dec - Titans v Almondsbury (won 68-27)

Player of the match - Louise Lathwell

11th Jan - Titans v Plymouth Marjons (won 57-28)

Player of the match - Katrina Venner

1st Feb - Pinehurst v Titans (won 58-52)

Player of the match - Rebecca Manley

8th Feb - Titans v Hucclecote A (lost 36-33)

Player of the match - Paula Young (see report lower)

15th Feb - Carol Anne v Titans (lost 37-27)

Player of the match - Paula Young

1st March - Titans v Weston (won 49-43)

Player of the match - Rebecca Manley

8th March - Raychem v Titans (lost 44-35)

Player of the match - Paula Young

22nd March - Titans v Hucclecote B (won 42-27)

Player of the match - Katie Jeffery

29th March - Roman Glass v Titans (won 39-38)

Player of the match - Ruth Chamings




If anyone had asked Lorraine Beel at the beginning of the season, our aim would be just to keep up in this division. We have certainly surpassed this achievement, and had a cracking season. Everyone has put in tremendous dedication to work extremely hard all season, and considering we were only 1 point away from taking the runners up spot, we all certainly deserve a pat on the back.

11.01.2014  Titans South West Regional Squad looking smart in their new dresses
Back Row: Lorraine Beel, Katrina Venner, Lorraine Cleverdon, Paula Young, Nicola Hinton, Kellie Finney, Claire Turner.
Front Row: Louise Lathwell, Nicole Lathwell, Rebecca Manley, Clare Aldrich, Katie Jeffery.
Missing from Photo: Louise Lincoln, Ruth Chamings, Alex McKean and Mel Barnard.

01.03.2014 Match report - Titans SW regional senior squad

Titans v Weston. With our previous encounter being a win by only 8 goals, we knew that today was going to be a tough call. With several players missing, it gave the opportunity for Katie Jeffery to start in the defending circle as GD. Having elected to take the first centre pass to try to overcome our demons of not taking the first opportunity of goal, it was yet again, an unforced error by Titans, that lead to Weston taking the early lead. We composed ourselves after a couple of minutes, and slick defending play by Katrina Venner and Katie Jeffery enabled vast opportunities for the attack to shoot on goal. We took many an opportunity and started to extend our lead. Rebecca Manley was working hard to feed the ball into the circle, and Lorraine Cleverdon was finding the net with ease. Periods of the first quarter were great, but it was also riddled with unforced errors too. Coming in from the first quarter, we were leading 17-7. (but it could have been alot more). For the 2nd period, we kept up the momentum. Kellie FinneyClare Aldrich and Rebecca Manley continued to provide options, and move the ball down into our attacking third. Katrina and Katie linked well to continue intercepting and tipping the ball, to create turnovers of play. At half time we were now leading 29-18. Alex Mckeancame on as centre, Clare moved to WA, and Rebecca back into WD. It took a while for our players to settle, and Weston's shooters were finding their net. Unforced errors, continued into our game, and Weston's tall keeper was restricting Louise Lathwell's play. We came in for the last period, losing the quarter by 3 goals, and now only leading by 8. (39-31). Kellie came back on as WA to replace Clare for the last quarter, and our aim was just to keep our centre pass, and protect our lead. The first 5 minutes was a little shaky, and our lead got to within 4 goals. We were frantically telling the players to drive onto the ball and mark up court, to enable no unforced errors to goal. Titans were good to turn over the ball, but with a great interception, then came an unforced error. We somehow gained composure for the last 5 minutes, and took the win 49-43. Player of the match from both Weston, and with 14 votes from Titans, went to well deserved centre court play of Rebecca Manley. 
Team Line Up: Katrina Venner, Katie Jeffery, Kellie Finney, Clare Aldrich, Rebecca Manley, Lorraine Cleverdon, Louise Lathwell, Alex Mckean, Michelle Sampson, Nicole Lathwell. 

15.02.2014 Match report - Titans SW regional senior squad.

Versus local rivals Carol Anne: Titans went into this match as strong favourites, as back in October won 59-29 on their previous encounter, and in the league table Titans were 2nd, & Carol Anne in 8th. Being labelled as 'favourites', certainly didn't do us any favours.
In the 1st quarter the pressure had already got to Titans and things weren’t going to plan. Carol Anne took an early lead, and never looked back. We had the opportunity to take the first goal, after intercepting their centre pass, but somehow our shooters just couldn't find the net. Errors were creeping into our game all over the court, and Carol Anne had pure determination to win every ball. Titans found themselves 10-7 down at the end of the first quarter. 
In the second quarter despite the tireless work by Paula Young at GK, Titans were unable to close the gap. Louise Lathwell & Lorraine Cleverdon were still struggling to find the net. We just couldn't find a gap in our attacking third. Movement was restricted, and forced errors were still happening. Carol Anne pressurised every pass, and we were struggling big time. At half time the score was 15-12 to Carol Anne.
Going into the third quarter Titans made some changes, to see if they could get back into the game. Katrina switched into Goal Attack, Ruth came on at GD, and Rebecca to WA, but unfortunately this didn’t work, as Carol Anne put immense pressure right down the court and didn’t allow Titans to have any space, end of the third quarter Carol Anne had extended their lead to 29-21.
In the last quarter, we switched players yet again, with the hope to claw our way back into the game. Carol Anne continued to dominate the game and pile on the pressure. It just wasn't going to be our day. Final score was 37-27 to Carol Anne.
Player of the match went to Paula Young. Carol Anne gave their player to Kellie Finney. Even though all of us were thoroughly disappointed with our performance and result, we should still take credit of our huge achievements this season.
Titans Line Up; Louise Lathwell, Lorraine Cleverdon, Kellie Finney, Clare Aldrich, Katie Jeffery, Rebecca Manley, Katrina Venner, Paula Young, Louise Lincoln, Nicole Lathwell & Ruth Chamings.
It was great to see so many supporters in force, but just so unfortunate that we were not able to give them the result we were looking for. This has taken a big dent in the possibility of obtaining the runners up spot, especially with our full depth of players not available for our remaining fixtures.

08.02.2014.  Match Report - Titans SW Regional Senior Squad - Fixture at Chulmleigh, versus top of the table, Hucclecote 'A'. With a previous score line of 68-35 defeat, we knew we were in for a 'rough trot' today. But, holy moly, Titans knew when to pull all their determination and efforts out of the bag! We started brightly. Immediately turning over the first centre pass of Hucclecote, with a fine interception from the prolific defending skills of Paula Young at goal keeper. Slick play down the court, enabled us to take the first goal. Then came another straight away, to take an early lead, 2 goals to nil. Titans were firing on all guns blazing, and the defending duo of Katrina Venner and Young, just kept tipping and intercepting, to enable the ball to come down the court with ease. Slick speed of the centre court, from Katie Jeffery, Clare Aldrich and Rebecca Manley, got the ball into the shooters. We came off from the first quarter, winning 9 - 4.
Hucclecote hit us hard for the second period, they battled on to win several interceptions/tips, and started to claw their way back into the game. Their keeper piled the pressure onto our dependable shooter of Louise Lathwell, and we started to feel the pressure. At half time, we were trailing by one goal 15-14. Our team talk was a little frantic and vocal for the interval. I was telling players to 'man up' and believe in themselves, as this match was certainly for the taking. Alex McKean came on for the third quarter to centre, Clare switched upto wing attack, and Rebecca moved to wing defence. We continued to find strength, and the whole third quarter, neither teams faltered, and it was goal to goal action. Lathers scored 6 out of 8 attempts and Lorraine Cleverdon 6 out of 7. We came in, with the scores levelled, 26-26 all. Nothing could separate us. Katie Jeffery replaced Rebecca for the final quarter. We needed to continue like the last quarter. For the next 10 minutes, we certainly did this. Hearts were pumping from the sidelines. The excitement around the sports hall was electric. No team was giving an inch spare. At 5 minutes left, we were 2 goals ahead!. Titans were playing their hearts out on the court, but so, were Hucclecote. Just one miss of a shot from us, enabled them to get back on level terms, with 3 minutes left on the clock. But those last 3 minutes, were to be heart breaking for all the hard efforts on the last 57 minutes. Hucclecote defensive trio piled on the pressure when it mattered most, and tipped several balls in our last attacking third, to give them that final break, to get the ball down to their shooters. The clock had run out, and somehow we had just lost the game by 3 goals. 36-33. A truly amazing performance from the Titans girls, but somehow, we came off a little disappointed, that we hadn't won. Even the Hucclecote players admitted that it was our game to win. Hucclecote gave player to Paula Young for her fantastic defending skills, to keep their inspiring young shooter out of the game. Titans also gave player to Paula with an amazing 19 votes!!! Team line up: Paula Young, Katrina Venner, Katie Jeffery, Clare Aldrich, Rebecca Manley, Lorraine Cleverdon, Louise Lathwell and Alex McKean. A big thank you to the umpires: Adele Venner and Julia Harvey. You both had a cracking game. Also a big thank you to Rob Wilmott and Glenda Tucker for scoring/timekeeping. Also a massive thank you to all the supporters!!!!!! You certainly had a thriller of a game!!! Hearts a pumping for sure

Three of our top umpires: Rebecca Manley ('B' Award), Lauren Bawden ('B' Award) and Lorraine Beel ('A' Award)

01.03.2008 Titans South West Regional Side

Back Row: Stacey Prosser, Michelle Sampson, Alison Keenor, Louise Lathwell.

Front Row: Alex Wade, Nadine Sampson, Kerri Wall and Rebecca Manley.

Titans SW Regional - Celebrating Christmas (14.12.2013) winning in style 68-27 to Almondsbury.

Back Row: (l to r) 'A' Award umpire Julia Harvey, Claire Turner, Katie Jeffery, Glenda Tucker, Lorraine Cleverdon, Ian Chamings, Louise Lathwell, Paula Young, Katrina Venner, Clare Aldrich, Hannah Broom, Lorraine Beel

Front Row: Freya Broom, Rhianna Beel, Alex McKean, Ruth Chamings, Rebecca Manley.