Junior Section

Titans Netball Club also have a thriving junior section, which is always looking for new players who want to improve their netballing skills. The junior section is for 8 - 16 year olds, boys are welcome upto Year 6.

Our training sessions are held generally every fortnight on a Wednesday evening at Park School, Barnstaple from 5:45pm to 7:00pm  on the outside courts. (For U11's and U9's)
Our Performance squad (mainly of U14 members and a few U12 players) train on most Wednesday evenings 5.30pm til 7pm

The remainder of the U14's/U12's train once a fortnight on a Wednesday evening at Park School, Barnstaple from 5.30pm to 7.00pm on the outside courts.
No training for the juniors during school holiday periods.

During the months of September to the end of March, the Junior League commences with League games taking place on Sunday mornings 9:45am to Midday for U11's.  The U14's and U12's are from 9.45am to 1pm. There are separate age groups: High Fives, Under 12's, Under 14's and Under 16's.

The children are coached by the following coaches and assistant coaches: Lorraine Beel, Claire Turner, Chris Farr, Kim Davey, Liz Wilton, Kerri Wall, Michelle Sampson, Lorraine Cleverdon-Brend, Hannah Little, Sarah Durrant, Chloe Cooper, Daisy Totterdell, Amber Manley, Rebecca Manley, Poppy Sampson, Cara Copsey, Kiara Clarke, Lydia Surridge, Elise Muzard Clark, Rowan Fitzsimmons, Isabel Ware, Ella Fraser Smith and Nicola Dunkin.
TRAINING DATES FOR 2018:  (Wednesday evenings)

3rd Jan - U11's       5.45pm to 6.45pm (Group 2)  /  5.45pm to 7pm   (Group 1) + Performance
10th Jan - U14's/U12's    5.30pm to 7pm
17th Jan - U11's + Performance
24th Jan - U14's/U12's  
31st Jan - U11's  + Performance
7th Feb - U14's/U12's
14th Feb - HALF TERM - No training
21st Feb - U11's   + Performance
28th Feb - U14's/U12's 
7th Mar - U11's   + Performance
14th Mar - U14's/U12's
21st Mar - U11's  + Performance
28th Mar - U14's/U12's
4th & 11th April - EASTER - No training
25th Apr - U14's/U12's
2nd May - U11's + Performance
9th May - U14's/U12's
16th May - U11's + Performance
23rd May - U14's/U12's
30th May - HALF TERM - No training
6th June - U11's + Performance
13th June - U14's/U12's
20th June - U11's + Performance
27th June - U14's/U12's
4th July - ALL AGE GROUPS - Tournament & Presentation
11th July - U11's
18th July - U14's/U12's

North Devon Junior League - SUNDAY DATES 2017/18

U11's (High Fives) (9.45am to Midday at Park School)  (SUNDAYS)
1st Oct
19th Nov
3rd Dec
7th & 21st  Jan 2018
4th Feb
4th & 25th March
15th April - End of Season Tournament
£35 payment due before the first date to play in this league

U14's & U12's  (9.45am to 1pm at Park School)   (SUNDAYS)
8th Oct
5th Nov
10th Dec
14th Jan 2018
25th Feb 
18th March
15th April - End of Season Tournament
£35 payment due before the first date to play in this league

TITANS JUNIOR TRAINING FEES - To be paid in block payments throughout the year
U11's Group 2 - £60 for the whole year (2 block payments - £30 payable in September 2017 and £30 payable in January 2018)
U11's Group 1 - £65 for the whole year (2 block payments - £35 payable in September 2017 and £30 payable in January 2018)
U12's/U14's - £70 for the whole year (2 block payments - £35 payable in September 2017 and £35 payable in January 2018.)
Those members playing in the U14 weekly performance squad will have an extra block training payment at Easter 2018 of £20. This is to cover all the extra match training sessions.

All our Junior Members need to pay an Affiliation Fee to England Netball to cover them for insurance purposes

U11's - £7.50
U14's/U12's - £15
Payable September 2017




TITANS STARS - 2nd   (Runners Up)



TITANS COMETS - 2nd (Runners Up)


Division 1


TITANS PLANETS - 2nd (Runners Up)


Division 2





Sunday 8th February 2015

Titans Comets

WON 13-5 v Carol Anne Sapphires (Emily Prior)

Sunday 18th January 2015

Titans Comets

LOST 18-3 v Carol Anne Diamonds (Laura Swales)

WON 10-9 v Bude Eagles (Poppy Sampson)

Sunday 4th January 2015

Titans Comets

WON 10-2 Carol Anne Sapphires (Abigail Piper)

Sunday 7th December 2014

Titans Comets

LOST 21-4 v Carol Anne Diamonds (Poppy Sampson)

DREW 11-11 v Bude Eagles (Amelia Andrew)

Sunday 23rd November 2014

Titans Comets

WON 16-3 v Carol Anne Sapphires (Emily Prior)

 9th November 2014

(player of the match - voted by the opposition)

Titans Comets

LOST 10-6 v Carol Anne Diamonds (Amelia Andrew)

WON 11-8 v Bude Eagles (Amelia Andrew)


Sunday 8th February 2015

Titans Meteors

WON 12-1 v Our Ladys (Aaron Beel)

WON 17-3 v Shuttles (Hope Unstead)

WON 19-3 v Bude Kestrels (Lucie Davey)

Titans Planets

WON 10-2 v Carol Anne Pearls (Daisy Harrison)

WON 14-4 v Our Ladys (Imogen Lang)

Titans Shuttles

WON 5-3 v Bude Kestrels (Ava Wilson)

LOST 17-3 Meteors (Ava Wilson)

Titans Eclipse

WON 9-0 v Asteroids (Tia Morris)

WON 7-0 v Carol Anne Rubys (Jess Davey)

LOST 3-2 v Bude Hawks (Lauren Brooks)

Titans Asteroids

LOST 9-0 v Eclipse (Eden Cornish)

LOST 14-4 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Maiwenn Ray)

LOST 9-2 v St Helens (Courtney Harris)

Sunday 18th January 2015

Titans Meteors

WON 20-0 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Kitty Sampson)

WON 11-4 v Titans Planets (Poppy Phillips)

WON 16-0 v Carol Anne Pearls (Kitty Sampson)

Titans Planets

WON 4-1 v Bude Kestrels (Daisy Harrison)

LOST 11-4 v Titans Meteors (Daisy Harrison)

WON 11-1 v Titans Asteroids (Daisy Harrison)

Titans Shuttles

WON 4-0 v Our Ladys (Cerys Hemmings)

WON 20-1 v Titans Asteroids (Holly Roach)

WON 15-0 v St Helens (Eva Greensmith)

Titans Eclipse

WON 5-0 v St Helens (Lillie Sealey)

WON 5-1 v Bude Hawks (Megan Burnell)

WON 4-2 v Bude Kestrels (Lillie Sealey)

Titans Asteroids

LOST 4-1 v Carol Anne Rubys (Izzy Lawrence)

LOST 20-1 v Bude Kestrels (Eden Cornish)

LOST 11-1 v Titans Planets (Lauren Brooks)

Sunday 4th January 2015

Titans Meteors

WON 24-0 v Carol Anne Rubys (Lucie Davie)

WON 13-1 v Titans Shuttles (Aaron Beel)

WON 15-1 v Bude Kestrels (Kitty Sampson)

Titans Planets

WON 19-1 v Bude Hawks (Callum Davey)

WON 28-0 v Carol Anne Rubys (Daisy Harrison)

WON 22-1 v Titans Shuttles (Rhys Piper)

Titans Shuttles

LOST 4-3 v Bude Kestrels (Cerys Robinson)

LOST 13-1 v Titans Meteors (Ellie Heard)

LOST 22-1 v Titans Planets (Ellie Heard/Elise Whormsley)

Titans Eclipse

WON 6-0 v Titans Asteroids (Scarlett Read Jones)

LOST 10-7 v Carol Anne Pearls (Megan Burnell)

DREW 2-2 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Tia Morris)

Titans Asteroids

LOST 6-0 v Titans Eclipse (Lauren Brooks)

LOST 8-0 v St Helens (Libby Gammons)

LOST 7-0 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Lauren Brooks)

Sunday 7th December 2014

Titans Meteors

WON 14-0 v Titans Eclipse (Lucy Jefferies)

WON 17-1 v Bude Hawks (Lucy Jefferies)

Titans Planets

WON 11-2 v Carol Anne Pearls (Imogen Lang)

WON 11-2 v Titans Eclipse (Imogen Lang)

Titans Shuttles

WON 7-1 v Bude Hawks (Cerys Robinson)

WON 12-0 Carol Anne Rubys (Maisie Hart)

WON 11-0 Carol Anne Emeralds (Ava Wilson)

Titans Eclipse

LOST 14-0 v Titans Meteors (Lillie Sealey)

LOST 11-2 v Titans Planets (Lillie Sealey)

LOST 10-1 v Our Ladys (Lillie Sealey)

Titans Asteroids

LOST 7-1 v Our Ladys (Anouska Chunilal)

LOST 4-2 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Megan Burnell)

LOST 4-1 v Carol Anne Pearls (Jess Davey)

Sunday 23rd November 2014

Titans Meteors

WON 19-0 v Our Ladys (Kitty Sampson/Poppy Phillips)

WON 22-0 v Titans Asteroids (Hope Unstead)

Titans Planets

WON 21-0 v Titans Asteroids (Cerys Hemmings)

WON 7-0 v Our Ladys (Imogen Lang)

WON 8-0 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Imogen Lang)

Titans Shuttles

LOST 5-1 v Carol Anne Pearls (Ellie Heard)

WON 4-1 v Titans Eclipse (Jessie Wright)

Titans Eclipse

WON 9-1 v Carol Anne Rubies (Tia Morris

LOST 4-1 v Titans Shuttles (Phoebe Perrson)

Titans Asteriods

LOST 21-0 v Titans Planets (Izzy Lawrence)

LOST 22-0 v Titans Asteriods 22-0 (Izzy Lawrence/Libby Gammons)

LOST 7-0 v Bude Kestrels (Izzy Lawrence)

Sunday 9th November 2014

Titans Meteors

WON 14-1 v Bude Kestrels (Hope Unstead)

WON 21-0 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Lucy Jefferies)

WON 10-2 v Titans Planets (Lucie Davey)

Titans Planets

WON 11-0 v Titans Shuttles (Daisy Harrison)

WON 12-0 v Bude Kestrels (Rhys Piper)

LOST 10-2 v Titans Meteors (Rhys Piper)

Titans Shuttles

LOST 11-0 v Titans Planets (Elise Whormsley)

LOST 4-2 v Our Lady's (Cerys Robinson)

WON 9-1 v Titans Asteroids (Jasmine Jefferies)

Titans Asteroids

LOST 6-0 v Bude Hawks (Lauren Brooks)

WON 2-1 v Carol Anne Rubies (Jessie Wright)

LOST 9-1 v Titans Asteroids (Jessie Wright/Libby Gammons)

Titans Eclipse

WON 4-0 v Carol Anne Emeralds (Megan Burnell)

WON 7-1 v Bude Hawks (Lillie Sealey)


Sunday 11th January 2015 (Player of the match in brackets)

Titans STARS

WON 17-6 v CAROL ANNE (Sapphire Rae)

LOST 26-3 v BUDE JETS (Cara Copsey)

WON 19-9 v VENNERS (Charlotte Babb)

LOST 12-7 v BUDE ROCKETS (Charlotte Babb)

Titans MOONS

LOST 15-1 v BUDE ROCKETS (Daisy Jefferies)

WON 7-0 v VENNERS (Daisy Jefferies)

LOST 19-2 v BUDE JETS (Rowan Fitzsimmons)

LOST 20-1 v CAROL ANNE (Rowan Fitzsimmons)

Sunday 30th November 2014 (Player of the match in brackets)

Titans STARS

WON 8-4 v BUDE ROCKETS (Molly Pennington)

WON 26-7 v TITANS MOONS (Molly Pennington)

WON 31-0 v BUDE RAVENS (Grace Wilton)

WON 27-0 v BUDE FALCONS (Caitlin Mitchell)

Titans MOONS

LOST 18-9 v CAROL ANNE (Rowan Fitzsimmons)

LOST 26-7 v TITANS STARS (Rowan Fitzsimmons)

LOST 7-1 v BUDE FALCONS (Sapphire Rae)

WON 11-8 v BUDE RAVENS (Sapphire Rae)

Sunday 2nd November 2014 (Player of the match in brackets)

Titans STARS

WON 21-5 v BUDE FALCONS (Isabel Ware)

WON 14-6 v CAROL ANNE (Molly Pennington)

LOST 21-5 v BUDE JETS (Molly Pennington)

WON 14-2 v VENNERS (Molly Pennington)

Titans MOONS

WON 13-7 v BUDE RAVENS (Rowan Fitzsimmons)

LOST 11-4 v BUDE ROCKETS (Caitlin Shaddick)

LOST 14-6 v VENNERS (Kiara Clarke)

LOST 32-0 v BUDE JETS (Rowan Fitzsimmons)

Coaching / Umpiring Opportunities for our Inspiring Volunteers 

Titans Netball Club are always looking for volunteers that would like to progress on either the Coaching or Umpiring Pathway.

Fee of course to be paid by Titans Netball.

Anyone interested, please speak to Development Officer - Lorraine Beel for more details:

Future Course Dates:

Sunday 23rd November 2014 - Umpiring Course 'B' Award 

Venue : Uffculme School, Uffculme, Cullompton, Devon

Times: 10am to 5pm

(aged 16 years and above)

06.04.2014   Titans under 14's at the South West Regional Finals

A very early start heading down to the Tournament at the fabulous facilities that the Plymouth Life Centre offers. Both girls and Titans supporters were very impressed..real chairs for supporters and warm!
We started our campaign with a tough first match vs eventual runners up the Jets who had flown over from Jersey . Tighter umpiring than we are used to, caused a few problems to start, but this applied to both teams and a good match resulted in a 9-6 loss, but the girls played well. 
Second match versus Cornish side Saints resulted in an 11-7 loss, followed by Hucclecote,(the eventual unbeaten winners), and despite us scoring the first 2 goals, we ended the match 14-6. High scoring considering only 7 mins each way!
Just before lunch, we had our local rivals Exeter. This was again an example of mature tactical play from our girls, and despite losing to them on previous meetings, we were 2 goals up with 2 mins to go. Nail biting stuff as they clawed back and literally scored an equaliser 2 secs before the final whistle! 
After lunch we came out focused, and despite once again some great play against Predators, they just got ahead to take the match 9-7.
Still not a win at this point, however we had scored points on all matches bar one.Team Bath went to the wire but the Titans responded well under pressure to finally get the win they deserved 9-7. A great boost and then a final match vs Old Chelts ended in a 9-6 loss.

Overall we think we came either 7th, or hopefully 6th, dependent on the later matches.

All the girls played their hearts out today and despite the necessary line up changes due to absence of Nicola Dunkin and Eleanor Wyborn, they all responded well and played like a true team!. 
A special thank you to the lesser experienced girls who came today and ensured we could play today. All the other clubs had noticeably larger squads than us!
Big thank you to all the parents who have supported the girls over the last few years (and hopefully will continue to do so!), plus Corrina White and Ali Shaddick for scoring today (first time they have had a chair for it and a proper score flip). Amber Manley - thanks for support on the bench and the hasty one to one tuition that various players received in the short interval, plus Grace Wilton for looking after the first aid bag.
Team Line Up: Daisy Totterdell, Georgina Crosbie, Caitlin Mitchell, Chloe Cooper, Izzy Manley, Izzy Shaddick, Ella Gill, Millie White and Millie Wilton.

All in all, a great finale to the girls time in the junior section at Titans.

Well done girls.. You have made Titans proud .Not only are you the first team from North Devon to get this far (I think?), 6th or 7th in the whole of the South West, but you also played so well and the fact that you scored in every match bar one, reflects your sheer determination and positive attitude. You deserved your place there today and the results do not reflect the standard of your play and the massive improvements we have seen.


Results for North Devon Junior Netball League 2013/14:

Player of the Season - WINNER - Poppy Sampson 
Most Improved - WINNER - Mia Poyser
Player of the Season - RUNNER UP - Grace Wilton 
Most Improved - WINNER - Lara Wilkie 
Player of the Season - WINNERS - Cara Copsey, Millie White, Charlotte Babb, Ella Gill.
Most Improved - WINNER - Chloe Cooper 
Volunteer of the Year: WINNER - Charlotte Babb 
U16's: Outstanding Contribution - WINNER - Emily Risdon 
U16's: Volunteer of the Year - WINNER - Georgia Morris 
Titans Awards - Star Player of the Year
U11's: Callum Davey, Abigail Piper and Truesanna Cooper 
U12's: Holly Crosbie
U14's: Daisy Totterdell

09.03.2014  Titans U14's secure 4th spot at the South West Regional Finals (South), at Exeter University, to take them to the next round of the South West Finals, on April 6th in Plymouth, to take on the rest of the regions in the South West (Glos, Jersey, Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset).

A truly fab team spirit to see them through a tiring day. A massive thank you to coach Liz Wilton for her dedication of countless hours coaching to these girls. 

Team Line Up: (back row) Liz Wilton, Millie White, Ella Gill, Millie Wilton, Daisy Totterdell, Nicola Dunkin, (Umpire Georgia Morris)

(front row): Georgina Crosbie, Ellie Wyborn, Chloe Cooper, Izzy Manley

Titans South West Regional U16 Squad

Back Row : Lucy Burnett, Lizzie Nicholas, Emily Risdon, Heloise Johnson, Christina Brend.

Front Row: Helena Sarney, Georgia Morris (captain), Millie White and Jo Nancekivell

23.03.2014 Titans South West U16 Regional Team ended their season securing 3rd spot in the league (just narrowly missing the runners up spot by one single point). A truly fabulous season for the girls. Everyone stepped unto the plate and has made vast improvement throughout.

Pictured here with their keepsake trophies:

Lucy Burnett, Millie White, Georgia Morris, Emily Risdon, Helena Sarney, Joanna Nancekivell, Christina Brend, Heloise Johnson and Lizzie Nicholas.

With coaches Lorraine Beel, Katrina Venner and Jen Burnett

04.03.2014  6 Members of Titans Netball Club winning 'Gold' at the North Devon High Five Tournament. 18 school teams competed in this tournament, and Landkey school remained undefeated. Excellent team play by all the players, with fantastic shooting skills. Their footwork was great. A true credit to all the hours of dedication of fab coaching from all the volunteers of Titans Netball Club. 

Titans Members: Poppy Phillips, Truesanna Cooper, Abigail Piper, Emma Grant, Callum Davey and Henry Wilton.

Landkey will now compete at the Devon Schools Tournament in April.


Titans U16's South West Regional Dates 

Sunday 1st December 2013 Home - v Bridgwater   WON 43-17 Player - Heloise Johnson

Sunday 15th Dec 2013 AWAY - v Purnell Sports  WON 46-33 Player - Heloise Johnson/Millie White

Sunday 19th January 2014 Home - v Plymouth College WON 39-38 Player - Millie White

Sunday 2nd February 2014 AWAY - v Pinehurst (Lost 31-25) Player - Jo Nancekivell

Sunday 9th February 2014 AWAY - v Raychem WON 30-29  Player - Lizzie Nicholas

Sunday 23rd February 2014 AWAY - v Randwick Amber (Lost 44-29) Player - Lizzie Nicholas

Sunday 23rd March 2014 Home - v Predators (Won 35-27) Player - Lucy Burnett


16.02.2014 Titans U16 South West Regional Match Report

Titans latest fixture was away to current league leaders Randwick who had not lost a game so far. Titans again travelled with the bare 7 players, due to injuries & holidays. 
Titans started strong with Heloise Johnson & Lizzie Nicolas working hard in defence. Georgia Morris at WA fed the ball well into the shooting circle. End of the first quarter Randwick were winning 13-9. 
In the second quarter Titans were linking well throughout the court & shooters Millie White & Emily... Risdon were accurate. Half time Randwick leading 21-14.
The third quarter Randwick became very physical & Titans were not used to this style of play- this seemed to upset the rhythm of play & Titans found themselves losing 32-20 at the end of the quarter despite Helena Sarney at C putting pressure on her opponent. 
The last quarter after a pep talk from the coaches Titans were adamant they were not going down without a fight. They didn't give up and kept fighting even though they were being physically pushed at times. Jo Nancekivell intercepted many phases of play & piled on the pressure. Millie White & Emily Risdon found the net with ease but the game finished with the final score of 44-29 to Randwick. 
Player of the match went to Lizzie Nicolas for her tally of interceptions & tips. 
Titans; Heloise Johnson, Lizzie Nicholas, Jo Joanna Nancekivell, Helena Sarney, Georgia Morris, Millie White & Emilyy Risdon.
09.02.2014 Titans U16  South West Regional Match Report

Titans latest fixture was away to Raychem in Swindon. Titans travelled with only 7 players due to injuries & other commitments.
In the first quarter there was nerves on both sides & both teams could not be separated. Lizzie Nicolas at GD was piling on the pressure and linking well with fellow players down the court. End of the quarter was 5-5....

In the second quarter Titans seemed to take their feet of the gas and enable Raychem to take the lead. However Joanna Nancekivell & Lizzie Nicolas turned over many phases of play but Titans couldn't capalise on this. Helana Sarney at WA played well with shooters Emily Risdon & Georgia Morris. Half time Raychem were winning 13-11.

In the third quarter Lucy Burnett went to WD and Joanna Nancekivell went to C, also the attack had a switch around allowing Georgia Morris to go into GA. Georgia Morris's speed within the circle allowed Titans to gain back some goals and retake the lead. Heloise Johnson had a difficult job as Raychems GS was very good at holding her space but Heloise didn't give up. End of third quarter Titans were winning 21-20.

Going into the last quarter everyone knew that this game was going to go to the wire and neither team could afford to make any mistakes. Raychem came out all guns blazing and weren't going to give up without a fight- Titans found themselves 4 goals down and needed to regain composure. The defence trio of Heloise Johnson, Lizzie Nicolas & Lucy Burnett applied pressure and linked well and then linked the with fellow team mates throughout the court. Titans then managed to level with Raychem then with 2 minutes left on the clock Titans were 2 goals up. Raychem then scored a goal and it was Raychems centre pass but Lizzie pulled off another interception and Titans worked the ball down the court, unfortunately Emily Risdon contacted her opposition & this enabled Raychem to have possession with 15 seconds left on the clock. Titans were marking every pass trying to force an error but the ball managed to get into the hands on the Raychems GS and just as she was just about to release the ball the final whistle went and Titans won 30-29! Well done girls as you kept your composure didn't give up- just don't give us a hear attack next game!!!!!!Thanks to Louise Lincoln for supporting, and Glenda Tucker  for scoring & thanks to the cheering parents!! Player of the match went to Lizzie Nicholas.
09.02.2014  Devon County U14 Tournament Report: Titans Under 14s had an early start, and a very busy morning, playing 4 matches back to back, at the County Tournament at Exeter University.
The first match against West Exe was going to be a tough initial match, but the girls in blue, got off to a good start, and at half time were ahead by 3 goals . However going into the second half the West Exe girls came out firing and regained ground. This combined with some wayward passing from our girls gave coaches Claire Turner, Lorraine Cleverdon and Liz Wilton, a few scary minutes, However some great shooting from Nicola Dunkin and Millie White to finish, gave us the result we wanted to start our campaign. Titans 13 West Exe 9.
Next match against local team Bude proved a little easier and despite some good play from them initially, we won Titans 15 Bude 2

The third match was always going to be the hardest - and playing Exeter 'A', our girls were up against a tight knit opponent, unlike any we had played for a long time. Here under pressure, the Titans struggled to keep their shooters out, and get the ball into their own. At half time we were trailing, and despite valiant efforts from all, our lack of exposure to such pace, meant we couldn't claw back, and ended up losing : Titans 6 Exeter A 17

Finally Exeter B team we won convincingly regaining the control of the game that the previous match had been missing.
The end result of Titans 17 Exeter B 10, ensured a place in the next regional round on March 9th.

The eventual results were
1st Exeter A
2nd TItans
3rd West Exe
4th Bude
5th Exeter B

All the girls played well, but particular mention to Daisy Totterdell who Claire and Liz felt really focused, and gave the defence strength when it was really needed.
All the girls should be really proud of their achievement, and how far they have come since starting with Titans.
There was some fabulous play and great shooting.
Thank you too Millie White for playing today, instead of going to Swindon! And next time Izzy Manley, make sure you get the right size dress....size 16 was a little too large! Thanks to the parents for their support, and Claire and Clevers for keeping us all organised!

Roll on March 9th...plenty of time for hard training before then!!

TEAM LINE UP: Eleanor Wyborn, Daisy Totterdell, Georgina Crosbie, Nicola Dunkin, Millie White, Millie Wilton, Izzy Manley, Ella Gill and Chloe Cooper

19.01.2014 The South West Regional U16 squad needing a lie down, after their thriller of a match versus Plymouth College, with Millie White sinking the winning shot in the dying seconds of the game, to win by a single goal, 39-38. A heart pumping atmosphere for all the spectators, parents and coaches. Titans gained composure when it was needed most in the final few minutes of the game, to soak up all the pressure that was laid onto them.

Team: Heloise Johnson, Lizzie Nicholas, Jo Nancekivell, Christina Brend, Lucy Burnett, Millie White, Emily Risdon, Helena Sarney and Georgia Morris.

12.01.2014 Titans U14 Galaxy team are Champions of the North Devon Netball Junior U14 League for 2013/14 season , winning in style on their final game, beating local rivals Carol Anne 19-3.

Well done to the following: Chloe Cooper, Millie White, Daisy Totterdell, Millie Wilton, Georgina Crossbie, Nicola Dunkin, Ella Gill, Ellie Wyborn and Izzy Manley.

A massive congratulations to their super coach Liz Wilton, that has committed many an hour to coach this fab little team. Your hard efforts certainly paid off today on court!!

27.10.2013  Titans U16's compete at the South West Regional U16's League Seeding Tournament at Exeter University, to determine which pool they will play in for the forthcoming season.


Drew Hucclecote 11 - 11

Lost Jets 25 - 5

Lost Predators 5 - 4

Lost Poole 22 - 1

Won Raychem 13 - 9

Lost Plymouth College 10 - 5


Players Player of the tournament: Lizzie Nicholas

Coaches Player of the tournament: Christina Brend




Team Line Up: Back Row: (l to r): (coach- Lorraine Cleverdon), Lizzie Nicholas, Christina Brend, Heloise Johnson, Emily Risdon, Lucy Burnett, Millie White, (coach - Lorraine Beel)

Front Row: (coach - Jen Burnett), captain Georgia Morris, Joanna Nancekivell, Helena Sarney, (coach - Katrina Venner).


06.10.2013 Titans/Venners U16 combined team finish 2nd in the East Devon County tournament at Exeter Uni to secure a spot in the South West U16 Regional League for the forthcoming season. A fantastic team performance from the combined clubs, seeing victorys over Honiton 10 - 4, Exeter 11 - 6, Carol Anne 'A' 9 - 0, Venners 11 - 3. Carol Anne 'B' 16 - 2 and narrowly losing to winners West Exe 11 - 8. Team Line Up; (l to r): Georgia Morris, Heloise Johnson, Emily Risdon, Lizzie Nicholas, Lucy Burnett, Millie White, Helena Sarney and Christina Brend.
Out talented Junior Section experiencing a 2 day workshop at Bath University in August 2012. Coached by Bath Superleague and England coaches.

Our two youngster recruits Rhianna Beel and Freya Broom enjoying blowing their whistles and reading the rule book. Just like their mummies!!!